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Fri, Aug 15: Scholarship requests due
Thurs, Sept 4: Fall semester begins
Sat, Oct 4: Last day to request a refund/drop class
Mon, Oct 6: Remainder of tuition due
Sat, Oct 18: Last day to drop and receive credit
Mon, Nov 17: Enrollment for Winter/Spring 2015 begins
Thur-Sat, Nov 27-29: NO CLASSES (Thanksgiving Break)
Friday, Dec 12: Teen Hip Hop - end of semester showing
Sat, Dec 13: Teen Modern - end of semester showing
Saturday, Dec 13: Last day of Fall classes

Shawl-Anderson Dance Center has been offering classes in the East Bay since 1958. We have over 42 classes each week in ballet, modern, contemporary jazz , and hip hop for children and teens ages 1.5 to 18. We offer classes for the absolute beginner all the way up to our pre-professional modern program. At Shawl-Anderson, we believe classes should be warm, welcoming, age appropriate, technical, challenging, and a fun learning experience for our students. Please speak to any staff member if you have questions or call (510) 654-5921.

We strongly recommend that children age 9+
take class (ballet, modern, jazz, or hip hop) at least twice a week.

Please speak with your child's teacher or
Youth Program Director Katie Kruger if you have any questions.


Note: Classes that are FULL will be shown during the registration process
and will give you the chance to be put on the class's waitlist.

FAll 2014
Thur, Sept 4 – Sat, Dec 13

NO classes for Thanksgiving Break - Nov 27-29

BALLET - Fall 2014

B10 Pre-ballet 3-4 Williams Tue 2:45-3:30 $232
B11 Pre-ballet 3-4 Williams Thur 2:45-3:30 $232
B20 Pre-ballet 5-6 Reed Tue 3:45-4:30 $232
B21 Pre-ballet 5-6 Williams Thur 3:45-4:30 $232
B22 Pre-ballet 5-6 Brosnan Mon 3:45-4:30 $232
B23 Pre-ballet 5-7 Reed Sat


B30 Ballet Level I 7-9
This class is for students who have completed our pre-ballet 5-6 or are age 7-9 and new to ballet.
Chianese Mon 3:30-4:30 $232

Ballet Level I 7-9
This class is for students who have completed our pre-ballet 5-6 or are age 7-9 and new to ballet.

Jordan Wed 3:30-4:30 $232
B40 Ballet Level I 9-12
This class is for students who are age 9-12 and new to ballet.
Williams Tue 3:30-4:30 $232
B50 Ballet Level II 8-12
This class is for students who have completed ballet level I or are 8-12 and have had a year of ballet technique.
Randall Mon/Wed 3:45-5:00 $456
B60 Ballet Level III 10-13
By permission only

This class is for students who have completed ballet level II or are 10-12 and have permission to join per Shawl-Anderson Ballet instructor.
Whitehead Tue 5:30-7:00 $456
Williams Thur 4:30-6:00
B62  Level IIIBallet with pointé preparation - 10 and up
By permission only
Must be take with either B60
This class is for students who have completed ballet level II or are 10-12 and have permission to join per Shawl-Anderson Ballet instructor.
Brosnan Fri 5:00-7:00 $248

Beg. Teen Ballet

Brosnan Mon/Wed 5:00-6:30 $456

Beg. Teen Ballet

Jordan Sat 11:00-12:30 $232

Int. Teen Ballet

Whitehead Mon/Wed 4:30-6:00 $456
B81 Int/Adv Teen Ballet with optional pointé
The last 30 minutes of class will be for pointe and demi-pointe work. Dancers interested in pointe must also take B80 or B90
Liboiron Fri 4:00-6:00 $248
B90 Advanced Teen Ballet Kirby Wed 6:00-7:30 $456
Bell Sat 12:30-2 pm
Attire: (Girls) Black leotard, pink tights, ballet slippers. Long hair must be kept back in a neat bun (learn how to make a bun here) & all jewelry removed. (Boys) White T-shirt, black tights, black or white slippers. Ages 9-18 are recommended to take class twice weekly.

Shawl-Anderson offers a unique ballet program for children and teens. Our ballet classes are fun and challenging. The ballet program focuses on the language of the ballet form, proper alignment, and musicality. Ballet is a wonderful style to learn because it is a foundation for so many other styles of dance. The Shawl-Anderson ballet program and its teachers reflect contemporary ballet aesthetics. Read more about our Youth Ballet Program.

MODERN - Fall 2014

M10 Dance w/Me 1.5-4 Taylor Wed 9:00-9:45 $187^
M11 Dance w/Me 1.5-4 Taylor Wed 10:00-10:45 $187^
Dance With Me is for children who can walk up to age 4. An adult (parent, guardian, nanny, etc.) must participate.
^Students may drop-in for $16 per class. Enroll in the full session for $187 ( $45 off full cost)
M14 Modern 3-4 Chianese Fri 3:30-4:15 $232
M21 Modern 4-5 Chianese Fri 4:15-5:00 $232
M22 Modern for BOYS 4-6 Charrière Fri 3:30-4:15 $232
M25 Modern 5-7 Kueffer Sat 9:00-9:45 $232
M30 Modern 5-7 Charrière Tue 3:45-4:30 $232
M35 Modern for BOYS 7-10 Charrière Fri 4:15-5:15 $232
M40 Modern 7-9 Taylor Wed 3:45-4:45 $232
M41 Modern 7-9 Kueffer Sat 10:00-11:00 $232
M45 Modern 8-10 Charrière Tue 4:30-5:30 $232
M50 Modern 10-12 VanPortfleet Sat 11:00-12:00 $232
M51 Modern 9-11 Taylor Wed 4:45-6:00 $232
M70 Beg. Modern 12-18 Vella Tue 4:15-5:30 $472
Thurs 4:30-6:00
M75 Choreography Lab 12-18
Non-technique class- students will learn and strengthen choreographic skills culminating in group and individual projects.
Kruger Thurs 6:00-7:00 $248
Attire: Leotards, tank tops, tights, and exercise pants are all options. No street clothes (e.g. jeans), and no baggy tops that cover the waistline. Hair should be up and jewelry removed.


Please Note: All upper level modern classes require prior modern dance experience. Intermdiate & Advanced Modern require permission to join. If you haven’t been assigned a level for Winter/Spring 2014 or are new to SADC, contact Katie Kruger, Youth Program Coordinator, for placement at


Int Modern 12-18

Kruger Tue/Thur 4:30-6:00 $472

Int Modern 12-18

Chianese Wed @ TAC* 4:15-5:45 $472
Fri @ SADC 5:15-6:45

Adv Modern 13-18

Hosein Tues @ SADC 4:30-6:00 $472
Thur @ TAC* 4:15-5:45



Ensemble Modern

Miner Tues @ TAC* 5:00-6:30


Thurs @ SADC 4:00-6:00
Ensemble Ballet Kruger Mon 4:30-6:00
Ensemble Rehearsal Guests Mon 6:00-7:30
Thur 6:00-7:30

*Classes held at TAC are at the Temescal Arts Center - 511 48TH St. - Oakland

Modern Dance is where the Shawl-Anderson story began as the major form practiced, performed and taught by our co-founders Frank Shawl & Victor Anderson. Our Youth program offers classes for ages 1.5 to 18, including a pre-professional track. Modern dance explores the concepts of space, time, and energy. Using much of the basic vocabulary of ballet, modern dance is a style that requires strong technique as well as creativity.

Contemporary JAZZ - FALL 2014

J50 Jazz 8-11 Chianese Mon 4:30-5:30 $232
J70 Beg Jazz 11-18 Hunter Tue 5:30-7:00 $232
J71 Beg Jazz 11-18 Hunter Sat 12:30-2:00 $232
Attire: Leotards, tank tops, tights, and exercise pants are all options. No street clothes (e.g. jeans), and no baggy tops that cover the waistline. Hair should be up and jewelry removed. Bare feet.

Our jazz classes helps students build a strong dance foundation and encourages them to bring the spirit of jazz dance alive through a connection with the music. Each student is given the opportunity to find a way to express themselves through dance while accomplishing a higher level of dance training.


H40 Beg. Hip Hop 7-10 Ortiz Fri 3:45-4:30 $232
H70 Beg. Hip Hop 10-18 Ortiz Mon 5:30-6:45 $472
Fri 4:30-6:00
H80 Hip Hop I, 12-18*
by permission only
Wolf Mon (TAC)^ /
Wed (SADC)
4:00-5:30 $472
H90 Hip Hop II, 12-18*
by permission only
Wolf Mon (TAC)^ /
Wed (SADC)
5:30-7:00 $472

*We request that H90 students make a full school-year commitment. Questions go to

^H80 (Mon) and H90 (Mon) are held at the Temescal Arts Center - 511 48TH St. - Oakland

Attire:Dance, sweat or yoga pants or bike/soccer shorts. T-shirts or tank tops that cover navel and do not fall off shoulders. Hip hop sneakers worn indoors only. Knee pads without plastic are strongly recommended. Please no jeans, restrictive pants, Ugg-like boots, jazz shoes, slip on shoes or bare feet.

Hip Hop classes begins with isolations, stretching, and alignment of the body and are full of movement, free style, and fun. Students work on picking up choreography and developing performance presence. The more advanced twice a week teen class builds the students’ knowledge of hip hop aesthetics, the body and how it moves, attention to musicality, and performance skills.

Questions while registering?
Call us at


Refunds for tuition paid may be requested within the first 4 weeks of classes.

No refunds will be given after the four-week period.

The last day to request a refund is Wednesday, October 4th.

There is a non-refundable $8 registration fee included in the cost of each class.

A refund will be processed less the $8 registration fee and $16 for each class that has already occurred up to the point when you contact us for the refund or credit.


When a student will be absent, please email as early as you know about the absence or call the Center at 510-654-5921 for last minute absences. We encourage students who miss class to arrange for make up classes. Make up classes may be scheduled in the current semester only. We cannot give credits or refunds for elective absences. The only exceptions are for family emergencies or serious illness or injury. In any such instance, please contact us so that we can make arrangements. To select a make up class, email

If your child or teen needs to miss class due to illness or injury, please contact us as soon as possible and we will make arrangements for a make-up class or other alternative.


There are a limited number of need-based partial scholarships available. Complete a Scholarship Request Form and submit with $20 down payment and registration form. Please fill out a “Scholarship Request Form” at the front desk or download a form here.

Administrative Director Rebecca Johnson will follow up with all scholarship applicants.

Scholarship request forms are due August 15 for fall, December 15 for winter/spring, April 15 for summer camps & intensives and May 15 for summer session classes. (We will consider requests received after that date but will give priority to those who apply by before.)


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