Advanced Modern Master Class
with Ellie Goudie-Averill

visiting from University of Iowa

Monday, January 5

$12 Advance Registration Discount on or before January 1
$15 after January 1

Ellie is invested in dance practice as a way to expand boundaries of thought and as a way to create deep and lasting knowledge within the body. Using a variety of spinal exercises that develop out out of initial somatic floor work, we'll warm from the proximal to the distal and make use of momentum in more complex and physically demanding movement phrases. As dancers we get to create art daily. This physical process of art making can integrate our bodies and awaken us as critically thinking and feeling organisms. Class will invite us to learn, remember and perform phrase material and analyze movement in depth … even while we are in motion! Find out more about Ellie here.


Introduction to Ballet
with Kate Jordan

6 weeks: Saturday, Jan 24 - Feb 28

$75 Advance Registration on or before January 15
$90 after January 15

This Introduction to Ballet class series is geared towards the adult who has no ballet background. The class is also suggested for adults who have not danced in a while or are returning from an injury. The 6-week series introduces students to the basic movement vocabulary, aesthetics and structure of a ballet class. Special emphasis is given to healthy, natural body alignment, and full use of one's range of motion through the ballet vocabulary. This approach builds our strength, coordination, musicality, flexibility and endurance. We investigate how the whole body and spirit contribute to each movement we do, whether a small hand gesture or large jump. We also consider how movement in ballet connects to movement in our everyday lives.



Body Music Lec/Dem/Class with
Antwan Davis & Molodi

Saturday, January 17, 2015

$15 - Advance Registration
$20 - at Door
Pre-register with a friend for just $25 total!!!

For ages 15+

Molodi is a performance arts company that uses Collegiate greek style Stepping and Stomp style body percussion as its foundation. Expanding on the notion of what a college step show could be Molodi blends traditional percussive dance, vocal percussion, poetry, guerilla theatre and vibrant personalities that bring to life a high-energy, rhythmic experience which always has people saying GIMME SOME MO!

Molodi's creators Jason Nious, Khalid Freeman, and Antwan Davis will be at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center to conduct a special master class. During this 90-minute class these professionals will give a performance demo, a lecture on the art form of stepping, creating and collaborating. After all that they will teach some unique Molodi choreography. This experience will get you inspired and tuned in to the fun and challenging world of body music as presented by Molodi. No previous dance or movement experience is required. Just a willingness to learn about making music with the body and having a fun challenge in a supportive group setting.

Individually,Molodi is comprised of the artists from the best productions in the world. Stomp, Step Afrika, Cirque Du Soleil. Featured in 2013 International Body Music Festival, 2013 International Dance Encore Festival, 2013 Outside the Box Festival and the Nevada Ballet. Molodi was honored to be apart of collaborative effects in the major motion pictures Stomp The Yard 1 and 2.






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