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A list of Bay Area Bodyworkers

  • Paul Burke, LMT with Mindful Bodywork

    "It is with great pleasure that I share with you my impressions of Paul Burke and extol his extraordinary work at Mindful Bodywork. He and his amazing skills have enriched and benefited my life beyond my expectations. I have, in over 50 years as a dancer, experienced the bodywork of numerous practitioners, but to me, Paul is unquestionably the very best. I highly recommend him."
    ~ Frank Shawl. Executive Director and Co-founder Shawl-Anderson Dance Center Berkeley, CA

  • Diane McKallip - Therapeutic Bodywork
    Diane maintains a private practice in Oakland and is available by appointment only:

    Diane practices several forms massage, including Swedish and acupressure. Her relaxing and healing sessions are a great way to unwind and de-stress. Diane also offers Reiki, which is a form of energy work that is performed by laying hands on various points on the body. Many clients report feeling very calm and relaxed after a session.
  • Suzanne Martin - Total Body Development

    Total Body Development offers the finest in personalized ‘concierge-level’ attention. Comprehensive physical therapy services are delivered in a private one-on-one clinical practice without the use of aides or assistants. Initial consultation and evaluation is composed of discussion of the goals and needs of the client, followed by biomechanical observation and administration of tests. Palpation and manual, hands-on, therapy, help to determine the nature of the problem, and to jumpstart the neuromuscular re-education process. Each client leaves with a personalized treatment plan.
  • Berkeley Acupuncture Clinic

    Founded in 2007, Berkeley Community Acupuncture Clinic (BCA Clinic) is a pioneering acupuncture clinic, offering low cost acupuncture in a community setting. Inspired by Working Class Acupuncture and the Community Acupuncture movement, Berkeley Community Acupuncture Clinic provides personalized treatments on an affordable sliding scale between $20 - $40 dollars.

    We currently offer a variety of Chinese Medical treatments from a skilled community of practitioners. BCA is also lucky to have a wonderful group of front desk volunteers who keep our clinic running smoothly and serving our diverse patient population.

  • Bruce Rizzo

    Dr. Bruce Rizzo offers comprehensive chiropractic care to the East Bay and surrounding communities. Our practice combines specialty treatment methods such as Active Release Techniques®, Graston® Technique and the Egoscue® Method with professional personal attention to your particular needs.

    Chiropractic care influences far more than backaches and stiff neck muscles. By caring for the human frame and treating the body with a multidisciplinary approach, we place you in the perfect attitude to experience life as an exuberant, vibrant, healthy being.

    Whether you are dealing with trauma or chronic pain, rehabilitating from a repetitive motion injury, regaining range of motion, or simply looking for a new vision of health and vigor, Dr. Bruce Rizzo offers you vastly increased enjoyment of everyday life.

  • BodyWorksBand

    “Take pleasure in life’s simple things….” The “BodyWorksBand” is a unique exercise band which addresses the fast-paced lifestyle of people constantly on the go. This product is an almost weightless 5 foot resistance band which exhibits illustrations of a full body strength training workout printed across it’s entire length. You can be sure you’re targeting your muscles safely and efficiently because it’s like having the instruction of a personal trainer with you at all times! In addition, the “BodyWorksBand” comes with a handy brochure that lists clear and concise verbal instructions as to how to perform each exercise correctly, so an effective full-body workout is literally at your fingertips!

  • Give the Body Breaks

    Krystal Harfert, CMT, offers In-Home Massage Therapy throughout the San Francisco/Bay Area.
    Harfert received her Certification from National Holistic Institute, Emeryville, California. She is versed in a wide range of modalities; swedish, thai, shiatsu, sports, myofascial, deep tissue, prenatal, counterstrain and neuromuscular work. Harfert spent 2 years practicing under Costa John, Owner & Therapist at Kilalo Massage in Oakland, CA. She continues to pair her knowledge of massage therapy and experience in movement/dance to provide each client with the Break their body truly needs. Sessions start at $60-$90.


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